Animal & Bird Intarsia Patterns

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Running Buck Intarsia Pattern Running Buck Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-A112 View
Deer Pair Intarsia Pattern Deer Pair Intarsia Pattern $13.50CDN  5003-A120 View
Wild Horse Int Pattern Wild Horse Int Pattern $7.50CDN  5003-A121 View
Winter Wolf Intarsia Pattern Winter Wolf Intarsia Pattern $11.50CDN  5003-A125 View
Wolf Head Intarsia Pattern Wolf Head Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-A126 View
Bath Time Intarsia Pattern Bath Time Intarsia Pattern $18.40CDN  5003-A127 View
Majestic Elephant Majestic Elephant $9.20CDN  5003-A129 View
Red Fox Intarsia Pattern Red Fox Intarsia Pattern $9.85CDN  5003-A130 View
Red Eyed Tree Frogs Intarsia Pattern Red Eyed Tree Frogs Intarsia Pattern $10.40CDN  5003-A131 View
Jake (rescue dog) Intarsia Pattern Jake (rescue dog) Intarsia Pattern $9.20CDN  5003-A132 View
Tiger Intarsia Pattern Tiger Intarsia Pattern $10.40CDN  5003-A133 View
Pike Intarsia Pattern Pike Intarsia Pattern $13.40CDN  5003-A134 View
Mahi Mahi Intarsia Pattern Mahi Mahi Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-A135 View
Standing Eagle Int Pattern Standing Eagle Int Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-B102 View
Wood Duck Intarsia Pattern Wood Duck Intarsia Pattern $6.50CDN  5003-B110 View
Pair of Wrens Intarsia Pattern Pair of Wrens Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-B114 View
Garden Finches Intarsia Pattern Garden Finches Intarsia Pattern $12.85CDN  5003-B116 View
Blue Jay Intarsia Pattern Blue Jay Intarsia Pattern $9.95CDN  5003-B118 View
Cardinal Intarsia Pattern Cardinal Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-B120 View
Robins Intarsia Pattern Robins Intarsia Pattern $14.20CDN  5003-B121 View
Bird Feeder Intarsia Pattern Bird Feeder Intarsia Pattern $12.20CDN  5003-B122 View
Pelican Point Intarsia Pattern Pelican Point Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-B125 View
Seated Hummingbird Intarsia Pattern Seated Hummingbird Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-B126 View
Eagle's Flight Intarsia Pattern Eagle's Flight Intarsia Pattern $11.50CDN  5003-B127 View
Eagle's Catch Intarsia Pattern Eagle's Catch Intarsia Pattern $11.50CDN  5003-B128 View
Blue Heron Intarsia Pattern Blue Heron Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-B129 View
Egret Intarsia Pattern Egret Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-B130 View
Bluebird & Dogwood Intarsia Pattern Bluebird & Dogwood Intarsia Pattern $9.95CDN  5003-B131 View
Stained Sandhill Crane Intarsia Pattern Stained Sandhill Crane Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-B132 View
Wonder Intarsia Pattern Wonder Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-B133 View
Ruby Hummingbird Intarsia Pattern Ruby Hummingbird Intarsia Pattern $9.75CDN  5003-B134 View
First Freedom Intarsia Pattern First Freedom Intarsia Pattern $9.75CDN  5003-B135 View
The Guardian Intarsia Pattern The Guardian Intarsia Pattern $14.50CDN  5003-FA107 View
Looking Home Intarsia Pattern Looking Home Intarsia Pattern $10.95CDN  5003-S131 View
Garden Home Intarsia Pattern Garden Home Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S134 View

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 36