14" Clamp & Guide

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14\" Clamp & Guide

(sold individually not in pairs - because sometimes you just need 1)

Straight edge clamps were developed over 20 years ago as a quick-position tool guide. The BlackJack design made them into a multi-use tool for woodworking by adding two T-tracks so several accessories can be attached (listed below).

The light weight aluminum body construction of the BlackJack Clamp & Guide prevents contacting glue from staining and makes it a favorite for flat panel clamping. The hardened steel clamping plates and tension rod ensure a lifetime of use.

One of the handiest uses of a Clamp & Guide is as a fence on a band saw. Many band saws were sold without a fence leaving us woodworkers to use a straight piece of wood and a couple C-clamps. The quick cam-lock feature of the Clamp & Guide eliminates all this fuss. Just place it on the band saw table, make it parallel to your miter gauge groove and engage the clamping lever.

The clamping capacity is a nominal 0 to 14”. The jaw width is 1-3/8”. The overall length of the clamp is 21”.

... as a fence on a band saw...
Upper guide shown raised for photo clarity. Follow your machine manufacturer's manual for proper adjustment of the upper guide.

If your band saw blade isn't ripping true, it's easy to skew the Clamp & Guide to match how your blade is cutting. Need a higher fence? Add the BlackJack Universal Fence Accessory that fastens to its T-tracks.

For perfectly straight cuts across lumber, the Clamp & Guide is really handy. Just square it to your lumber and engage the locking lever. Then guide your saw along either side of the guide. The quick adjust clamping action makes this the fastest power tool straight edge available. To prevent your saw from wandering, mount your saw on the Universal Base. It locks into the Clamp & Guide and keeps you saw running true.

Do you need to make stopped dados for shelves? Add the BlackJack Stop Block. It's large enough to stop even the largest base router.

After reviewing the following pictures and video, check out all the accessories by clicking on the links at the bottom of this page.

Features like this make the BlackJack Guide the most versatile tool of its kind available! Graham McCullock of ShortCuts gave a 5 star rating for the Clamp and Guide calling it "A ShortCuts Best". You owe it to yourself to see what it's all about.


Clamp & Guide Accurate. Quick & easy.

The Black Jack™ family began with the development of the patented Clamp and Guide.
The Black Jack™ sliding clamp pad allows the user to take up extra clamp capacity with one quick easy movement.

The 3-position cam provides 3 levels of pressure to clamp and hold your material.

The lightweight aluminum extrusion means it's easy to sit your clamped project aside, freeing up the work area
for other projects.

Use as an edge guide.

Perfect for panel gluing.

Great for corner clamping.