BlackJack Deluxe Pocket Hole System

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BlackJack Deluxe Pocket Hole System

Pocket Hole Joinery has been around for several years, but until now, no one has combined the features of variable material thickness and variable pocket centre distance into one, easy to adjust jig.

Introducing the BlackJack Pocket Jig System.  This design requires no riser blocks, secondary bolts or hex wrenches to make its adjustment.  A single black knob is all that is used to change the jig for different material thickness and different pocket centre distances.  

Hardened steel bushings designed to match the high helix step bit will provide years of service.  Laser etched scales for material thickness and centre distance are easy to read on the BlackJack body.

The BlackJack Pocket Systems have a quickly adjusted large diameter pressure pad protects wood from pressure marks and compensates for various material thickness.  Large chip ejecting holes prevent heat buildup caused by material being removed.

Changing from one material width to another is easy with the single adjustment knob.

                 Thicker Material                                       Thinner Material

BlackJack Deluxe Pocket Jig System Includes:

  • BlackJack Standard Pocket Jig
  • Mini Pocket Jig
  • hardened, permanent bushings for a long, accurate life
  • 11 inch Face Clamp
  • 3/8"step drill bit with stop collar
  • 3 inch and 6 - #2 square driver bit
  • 1, 1-1/4 and 1-1/2 inch self-tapping screws
  • hex wrench

Click here for BlackJack Pocket Jig Instructions     

Adobe Acrobat required.  
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pocket hole accessories like screws, plugs, extra bits, etc....

Click this link for a great tutorial on how Pocket-Hole Joinery Basics by Start Woodworking.com

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