Sand Devil

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Sand Devil

The SandDevil™ is an easy to use, quick-reload manual sanding tool - both simple innovation and a valuable addition to every toolbox.

The SandDevil™ delivers power tool results with hand-sanding precision!

Use on flat, curved and hard-to-reach surfaces.

Ideal for large sanding projects AND difficult detail work.

Uses standard 3" x 21" sanding belts.

Includes 80 grit cloth-backed sanding belt: up to 5 times the life of regular sandpaper.
Need more 3" x 21" sanding belts? Click here.

Easy as 1 -2 - 3

1. A light touch of the finger lifts the Lever and contracts the SandDevil™, so you can slip off a worn belt.

slip off a worn belt

2. With the Lever open, slip on a new belt or rotate belt to new position.

slip on a new belt or rotate belt to new position

3. A light downward push on the lever expands the SandDevil™ and locks the belt securely in place

locks the belt securely in place

Surface preparation tips...

Tips on sanding you can use during and after project assembly...

Watch how the SandDevil™ can easily adjust base and casing trim angle cut fittings...

A light surface scuffing may be desirable prior to painting a finished cabinet, door, table or other items... use the SandDevil™ to tackle the difficult surfaces..

SandDevil uses any standard 3” x 21” sanding belt; up to 5 times the life of regular sandpaper eliminating the aggravation of constantly changing worn sandpaper. 

Designed by a long-time professional woodworker, its multi-surface design provides five sanding surfaces. 

SandDevil is made of tough injection-molded thermoplastic with a patented load and lock mechanism. Made in the USA by American workers.

Use a Belt Cleaner when it becomes dirty and it will be as good as new. 

Click here for Sand Belts that fit.

Click here for a Belt Cleaner.