Fish Intarsia Patterns


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Pike Intarsia Pattern Pike Intarsia Pattern $13.40CDN  5003-A134 View
Mahi Mahi Intarsia Pattern Mahi Mahi Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-A135 View
Fly Fishing Intarsia Pattern Fly Fishing Intarsia Pattern $12.95CDN  5CB105 View
The Fishing Hole Intarsia Pattern The Fishing Hole Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5CB335 View
3D Sunfish Intarsia Pattern 3D Sunfish Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5CB336 View
Great White Shark in Rope Frame Intarsia Pattern Great White Shark in Rope Frame Intarsia Pattern$9.95CDN $6.97CDN 5JGRI-167 View
Gone Fishing Intarsia Pattern Gone Fishing Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-185 View
Tropical Reef Fish Intarsia Pattern Tropical Reef Fish Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-191 View
Goldfish Bowl Intarsia Pattern Goldfish Bowl Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-236 View
Bass Jumping out of Frame Intarsia Pattern Bass Jumping out of Frame Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-28 View
School of Sardines Intarsia Pattern School of Sardines Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-325 View
Rainbow Trout Intarsia Pattern Rainbow Trout Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-331 View
Dolphin Duo Intarsia Pattern Dolphin Duo Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-332 View
Bass Fishing Intarsia Pattern Bass Fishing Intarsia Pattern $5.95CDN  5JGRI-340 View
Crappie Fishing Intarsia Pattern Crappie Fishing Intarsia Pattern $5.95CDN  5JGRI-341 View
Humpback Whales Intarsia Pattern Humpback Whales Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-345 View
Bottlenose Dolphins (2) Intarsia Pattern Bottlenose Dolphins (2) Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-37 View
Aquarium Scene Intarsia Pattern Aquarium Scene Intarsia Pattern $11.95CDN  5JGRI-52 View
Marlin Intarsia Pattern Marlin Intarsia Pattern $17.95CDN  5JGRII-19 View
Sailfish Intarsia Pattern Sailfish Intarsia Pattern $17.95CDN  5JGRII-20 View

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