Holiday Intarsia Patterns

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Snow Couple Intarsia Pattern Snow Couple Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-CH107 View
Holiday Candle Intarsia Pattern Holiday Candle Intarsia Pattern $7.00CDN  5003-CH109 View
Bunny Trouble Int Pattern Bunny Trouble Int Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-CH110 View
Christmas Sleigh Christmas Sleigh $8.00CDN  5003-CH112 View
Christmas Friends Intarsia Pattern Christmas Friends Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-CH113 View
Christmas Collection Intarsia Pattern Christmas Collection Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-CH115 View
Snow Globe Picture Frame & Nutcracker Intarsia Patterns Snow Globe Picture Frame & Nutcracker Intarsia Patterns $8.00CDN  5003-CH116 View
Chippy's Surprise Intarsia Pattern Chippy's Surprise Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-CH121 View
Rudolph & Santa Intarsia Pattern Rudolph & Santa Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-CH123 View
Fall Swag Intarsia Pattern Fall Swag Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-M107 View
Scarecrow Intarsia Pattern Scarecrow Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-M112 View
Easter Cross Intarsia Pattern Easter Cross Intarsia Pattern $7.50CDN  5003-S105 View
Christ Intarsia Pattern Christ Intarsia Pattern $9.00CDN  5003-S106 View
The Last Supper Intarsia Pattern The Last Supper Intarsia Pattern $15.00CDN  5003-S107 View
Holy Family Intarsia Pattern Holy Family Intarsia Pattern $12.50CDN  5003-S118 View
Charlie's Angel Int Pattern Charlie's Angel Int Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-S121 View
Seated Angel Int Pattern Seated Angel Int Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S124 View
Remembrance Intarsia Pattern Remembrance Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-S126 View
Palm Sunday (small) Intarsia Pattern Palm Sunday (small) Intarsia Pattern $18.00CDN  5003-S135 View
Nativity Intarsia Pattern Nativity Intarsia Pattern $15.00CDN  5003-S138 View

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 21