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With all the concern over the environment around us, woodworkers often forget about the environment in the workshop. Wood dust, depending on the wood being cut, can be extremely dangerous.

Sadly most of us take our lungs for granted. We can't see the damage being done as the finest dust particles created by thickness planing, scroll sawing, and more pack up inside the ever so fragile lungs. We would never think of putting even a small amount of dust in our mouth and if it happens by accident, we spit and sputter until we get it all out.

Strangely, we allow ourselves to breath dust into our lungs where it can't be expelled quickly. It must biodegrade and work itself out over a very long period of time. In the case of rot resistant woods, it just stays there leaching it's chemicals into our body system.

Consider the environment in your workshop. Consider what kind of life you want in your older age. Then consider collecting that dust before it gets into your lungs. Your family will thank you for it.

Our Y's, blast gates and adapters all connect together to make up your system. On each fitting page you will find a list of connectable fittings, making it easy for you to get the connections you need.

NOTE: the hose size listed is always the inside dimension.

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