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Oooops... the CO2 tank is missing - otherwise a complete kit...

Limited stock - save $50!

Now you can use air tools without needing an air compressor.

Small jobs no longer require you to drag a noisy compressor with long hoses.

Powered by compressed liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) which occupies 1% of the volume of compressed air means the small 20 oz tank delivers the same volume as a 125 pound compressed air tank! The liquid changes to a dry vapor when released through the regulator. It's also safer for your tools because it doesn't create damaging condensation or moisture.

Unlike other CO2 systems, the Instant Air pressure regulator is pre-set at 90PSI and the kit includes a tank fill adapter.

When you purchase an Instant Air system, you have the option of renting a CO2 tank from your local gas supplier and filling your own tank.

Follow the instruction manual for mantenance and worry free operation of the regulator and tank fill adapter. CO2 is very stable and non-toxic. After all, you exhale CO2 every time you breathe!

This is a great product to have on camping trips or as an emergency road side tool. It's a "must-have" item for contractors and the DIY handyman because you can:
* Inflate eight truck tires (tire size 30 x 9 x15
* Inflate nine compact car tires (tire size 13 in)
* Drive 500+ brad nails (depending on size)
* Shoot 100+ framing nails (depending on size)
* Run an air ratchet for 3.6 mins (ratchet consumes 3CFM)
* Run an air impact wrench for 2.2 mins (wrench consumes 5CFM)
* Blow dust out of 40 to 60 personal computers
* Fill an air mattress

The system includes a 6ft coil hose with quick connect, waist clip, tire repair kit, CO2 tank fill adapter and hard plastic case.

CO2 tank is not included.

Click here for Instant Air User Manual.
Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click here to download it for free.

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