Molly Mule Intarsia Pattern

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Molly Mule Intarsia Pattern

Molly Mule is an old time draft mule that was and is used to work on the farm. By Judy Gale Roberts

Skill Level: Intermediate

52 pieces

Finished Size: 14" x 17"

All patterns are printed with red ink on a very high quality durable tracing paper. If using carbon paper to transfer the pattern to wood, the red ink makes it easier to see which parts have been traced with a blue or black pen. If you are gluing your pattern to the wood the red ink is very easy to follow.

All patterns have been made into Intarsia before offering them for sale. A finished intarsia piece is made from each pattern before it is sold. Many times changes such as grain direction, colour or width are made to the pattern after creating the project.

All patterns come with a 8-1/2"x 11" colour print of the finished piece. The colour print will give you an idea of what the project will look like using the recommendations printed on the pattern. It is also helpful when you are shaping the project.

These patterns are NEVER FOLDED. They are rolled up and mailed in a strong mailing tube to prevent creases and wrinkles. Creases from folding the patterns could cause problems by distorting the pattern when making copies or transferring each part onto the wood. By eliminating some known problems it will make your time spent more enjoyable.

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Reusable Tracing Paper:

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