GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock

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GRR-RIPPER 3D Pushblock


Precision • Safety • Control

BEYOND Pushsticks and Feather Boards

The highly acclaimed GRR-Ripper is one of the safest ways to manually feed wood through a table saw.

More than just a device for the table saw the GRR-Ripper excels with router work, band saw operations, and jointer feeding.

Precision • Safety • Control

ULTIMATE Table Saw Safety

BEYOND Pushsticks & Feather Boards

excels with router work

Keep Green GRR-RIP Pads clean with denatured or rubbing alcohol.

Bullet proof your fingers!

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WoodWorkers Guild of America has an excellent video about the Grr-ripper and safety. Click here to check it out. 6:10 minutes