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Harvest Moon Intarsia Pattern Harvest Moon Intarsia Pattern $10.50CDN  5003-M113 View
End of Trail Shield Intarsia Pattern End of Trail Shield Intarsia Pattern $9.85CDN  5003-M114 View
Seascape Intarsia Pattern Seascape Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-S104 View
Easter Cross Intarsia Pattern Easter Cross Intarsia Pattern $9.30CDN  5003-S105 View
Christ Intarsia Pattern Christ Intarsia Pattern $9.30CDN  5003-S106 View
The Last Supper Intarsia Pattern The Last Supper Intarsia Pattern $19.50CDN  5003-S107 View
Mountain Scene Intarsia Pattern Mountain Scene Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-S108 View
Island Cove Intarsia Pattern Island Cove Intarsia Pattern $14.50CDN  5003-S114 View
North Point Light Intarsia Pattern North Point Light Intarsia Pattern $11.50CDN  5003-S115 View
South Point Intarsia Pattern South Point Intarsia Pattern $11.50CDN  5003-S116 View
Holy Family Intarsia Pattern Holy Family Intarsia Pattern $12.50CDN  5003-S118 View
Making Friends Intarsia Pattern Making Friends Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-S120 View
Charlie's Angel Int Pattern Charlie's Angel Int Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-S121 View
Summer Breeze Intarsia Pattern Summer Breeze Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S123 View
Seated Angel Int Pattern Seated Angel Int Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S124 View
Country Church Intarsia Pattern Country Church Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S125 View
Remembrance Intarsia Pattern Remembrance Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-S126 View
Covered Bridge Intarsia Pattern Covered Bridge Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S127 View
Country Life Intarsia Pattern Country Life Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-S128 View
Old Country Mill Intarsia Pattern Old Country Mill Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-S129 View
Sailing Home Intarsia Pattern Sailing Home Intarsia Pattern $9.50CDN  5003-S130 View
Garden Home Intarsia Pattern Garden Home Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S134 View
Palm Sunday (small) Intarsia Pattern Palm Sunday (small) Intarsia Pattern $18.00CDN  5003-S135 View
Palm Sunday (LARGE) Intarsia Pattern Palm Sunday (LARGE) Intarsia Pattern $26.50CDN  5003-S136 View
The Cross Intarsia Pattern The Cross Intarsia Pattern $9.00CDN  5003-S137 View
Rose Vase Intarsia Pattern Rose Vase Intarsia Pattern $8.50CDN  5003-S139 View
Little Buddy Intarsia Pattern Little Buddy Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S140 View
Striped Lighthouse Intarsia Pattern Striped Lighthouse Intarsia Pattern $7.50CDN  5003-S141 View
The Knock Intarsia Pattern The Knock Intarsia Pattern $13.00CDN  5003-S142 View
The Carpenter Intarsia Pattern The Carpenter Intarsia Pattern $15.00CDN  5003-S143 View
The Gift Intarsia Pattern The Gift Intarsia Pattern $8.00CDN  5003-S144 View
The Ark Intarsia Pattern The Ark Intarsia Pattern $12.00CDN  5003-S145 View

Result Pages:  1  Displaying 1 to 33