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1 Litre

Writing from personal experience, pr88 is an amazing hand care product. I've been using pr88 for over 20 years and cannot be without it. pr88 puts an invisible barrier on the skin to keep dusts, paints and solvents off the skin. Many of us forget that our skin is a sponge waiting to absorb anything we expose it to.

How fast does the skin absorb chemicals? To answer that, consider how fast it absorbs hand cream. Hand cream is much thicker than paint thinner, spray paint, paint stripper, blade and bit cleaner, gasoline and motor oil. How often do you expose your hands to these chemicals? So you only get dusty. What's in that dust? Your skin sweats and pulls toxic chemicals out of the dust and into the skin.

Of course here's how we think... it's only a little bit... I don't stick my hand into the pail... I don't have time... gloves are a headache... and the list goes on. Is it worth it? Take a look... Skin Exposures and Effects

The video below shows a fellow in a dirty environment and then washing his hands after. That's not trick photography... it really washes off like that. Grease, oil, dirt... it all washes off just like that when you use pr88 correctly. It's all true... I use it.

Workshop Supply

pr Skin Care Products have been manufactured in Germany by Ursula Rath & Co. GmbH since 1965.

Grease, oil, soot, tar and bituminous products, silicone compounds, paints, lacquers, adhesives, polyurethane glues, UP-resins, epoxy resins, graphite, fiberglass, dust.

Is a water soluble, silicone-free barrier cream which is used to protect skin when working with most non-water based substances.

Clean... rinse grease, solvent based inks, glue, paint, resins, solvents, tar, fiberglass, gasoline and other non-water based substances off with plain water.

Protective... when properly applied, prevents drying and cracking of the skin; the protective film keeps solvents and dirt from contacting skin. The skin's natural respiration is unaffected by pr88

Non-Transferable... will not wipe off the skin, nor transfer to surfaces touched once dry. Does not leave a fish-eye.

Non-Allergenic... harmless. MSDS available.

Promotes Safety... no need for harsh hand cleaners, acetone, or other dangerous solvents often used for cleansing skin. Prevents absorption of most dangerous non-water based chemicals and toxins into your body through the protected skin's surface. Long term internal organ damage (liver and kidneys) may be prevented with proper and continual use each time you work with problem substances.

Economical... eliminates expensive clean-up solvents, soaps, and lotions. By using pr88, there is a drop in the time workers require to clean up (often on company time). This results in the extension of work time and a direct increase in productivity and resultant savings.

Environmentally friendly... upon completion of work involving paint, lacquer, grease and other similar substance, solvents are often used to clean the skin. Avoiding direct contact with these solvents and their vapors provides a benefit both to the worker and to the environment. pr88 reduces groundwater contamination by allowing the worker to wash contaminants off the skin with water instead of hazardous solvents.

Water conservation... water consumption, when used for cleansing the skin, is drastically reduced when pr88 is used and therefore represents a considerable contribution towards economization of an increasingly scarce and steadily more expensive raw material - water. This reduction in water consumption also leads to a direct lowering of operating expenses.

Safe record... can be safely applied to hands, face, and other body parts. pr88 has undergone dermatology tests and has been proven safe for over 30 years.

Application... apply a marble size quantity of pr88. Ensure cuticles, under nails, and between fingers are included when applying pr88. If skin feels tacky after drying time (1 ½ minutes), then too much was used. Simply wipe off the excess pr88 with a clean, dry rag and use less next time. Re-apply every 4 hours (more often if skin is undergoing heavy abrasion) or when you come in contact with water. After work, simply rinse pr88 and grime off with water.

MSDS Information
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