Red-Line Rockwell Beaver Fence System - 50" Rip Capacity

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Red-Line Rockwell Beaver Fence System - 50\" Rip Capacity

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If you've been struggling with your table saw when making ripping cuts and you know your fence is your greatest headache, the Red-Line fence is what you need to solve your problem. I've been using the predecessor to the Red-Line for over 10 years and I can personally tell you it made a great machine out of my basic contractor saw.

No more measuring twice (front and back on the fence). No plume of dust coming off the back of the blade. No more binding because the fence is toeing. No more measuring from the fence to the blade because I can use the fence scale and get exactly what I set. No more wiggle of the fence as I slide it across the saw and no more wiggle when I tighten it in place.

Until you've tried a Red-Line fence, you cannot appreciate how nice it is to use your saw. And now with all the upgrades since the model I have, it's much easier to install. Upgrading to a Red-Line will be one of the best woodworking investments you ever make. Every woodworker that's made this upgrade will tell you so.

This fence fits the Rockwell Beaver Saw perfectly. Note: if you have the small round rod fence rails, you will need adapters to mount the large Red-Line fence rails. You can choose "Include 3060-0001 Beaver Adapter Set" in the option below (bottom of page) or CLICK HERE to go to the Red-Line Beaver Adapter Set Page.

• Easy installation - Most installations do not require drilling holes
• Fence head more ergonomic - No sharp corners!
• Increased strength of front and back rails
• Recessed measuring tape system with larger numbers
• Metal lock knob
• Fench body end caps screwed in place - No more lost caps!
• 98 percent of the accessories for the "Red-Line" system will fit and work with your Accusquare fence

Red-Line Fence System

Red-Line Fence System

The 50" rip capacity fence will let you rip 10" to one side of your blade and 40" to the other side OR any combination that adds up to 50". It's totally up to you and with the T-slot mounting of the fence rails, you can change this combination anytime in the future if you need to.

3030-xxxx 3030

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