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Saw Table Extension 12" x 27"

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Saw Table Extension 12\" x 27\"

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Saw Table Extension 12” x 27”

Tired of using a saw table extension that’s not flat? Pressed or web cast table extensions can be a nightmare to use! This low cost, smooth and flat table extension is well made with aluminum and tough melamine coated particle board.

The extruded aluminum borders add valuable strength and make it easy to mount to your saw while the black melamine coated particle board will stay smooth and flat. I can hear it now... ”melamine gets damaged by water”. So will the cast iron saw top! Just don't put anything wet or cold (that will sweat) on it.

Unfortunately we do not have a large stock of these because the manufacturer has retired and asked us to clear out his remaining stock. First come, first served!

You won’t be disappointed and you can be sure because of Workshop Supply's 100% satisfaction guarantee (No Questions Asked guarantee- unused returns are accepted for 90 days from invoice date. Please note - before you send any returns - call us first! 1-800-387-5716)

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