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These Coarse Pocket Hole Screws with their special drilling/tapping point are unique. No other screw has the ability to cut the wood as it is being driven into place. This special feature allows pocket screws to be driven into sound wood without splitting the grain even when close to the edge and end of the board.

Coarse threaded screws are intended for softwoods and particle boards. The thread design is aggressive with lots of space between each thread to hold tight to the soft grains of the wood or particles in the board.

Fine threaded screws are intended for hardwoods. The finer pitch of the thread pulls the screw into the wood more slowly allowing the drilling/tapping point to do its job before the body of the screw enters the wood.

We often have customers tell us they use coarse threaded screws in hardwoods. We have tested this and it is possible if the hardwood is of a softer nature. For example, there is no comparison between the hardness of soft maple and hard maple. If soft maple is being used, I would say it is definitely possible to use coarse threaded screws. In fact, when testing this using my power drill, I drove coarse threaded screws into hard maple and had good results until I got within 1/4" of the edge of the board. Then the splits started.

So the decision is your's. Our coarse and fine threaded screws are number one in quality and we are happy to supply them to you. Whether you plan to use them as I have described here or not, please test them in scrap material before moving on to your project.

Always work with safety in mind by wearing proper safety equipment.

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