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BlackJack Woodworking Tools

Package of 2
Hanger Hooks for 4" hose

In a small shop it's often handy to hang dust collection tubing from the floor joists above the head. Problem is, there's usually other stuff between the joists preventing this OR the joists are running the wrong direction to the direction of the tubing.

Here's the solution. Hanger hooks fasten to the side of the joist but hang the tubing below it. There are fastener holes through the front and through the side of the hook - so it doesn't matter which way the joists are running. The hook can always be fastened in the right direction.

In a small shop where installing tubing doesn't make sense, these hanger hooks are large enough to hold 4" flexible hose. Instead of tubing, you can hang hose around the shop so when you need the hose end over at a machine, just lift it off as many hooks as needed to use and put it back on the hooks when finished.

This is one of those "it's so simple why didn't I think of that" ideas :)

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