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Your next project just got easier!

No more wasting time searching through your tool box. You can see the tool you need - right at your finger tips.

Tool Drawer Foam is an amazing product for organization. It works with the principle ”a place for everything and everything in its place”. This works especially well when you’re working on a job site... at a glance you will know if you’'ve forgotten a tool - before you leave the job site!

Tool Drawer Foam is a great organizer in the work area of any handy person. Whether you’re a woodworker, car enthusiast, crafts person, home maker or seamstress, tool foam will help you get organized and eliminate wasted time hunting for the tool you require right now.

You can also use Tool Drawer Foam for protection - router bits, chisels, knives...

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1-1/8 inch thick
By tracing around tools then cutting recesses where you traced, each tool will have a specific pocket to be placed when not in use. You’ll never lose another tool because at the end of the project when you return the tools to the tool drawer, if there’s an empty pocket remaining it will be obvious something is missing.

Peeling the tool profile out of the foam is easier than you think. Tool Foam is made of multiple layers of 5mm (3/16”) EPE foam. After cutting to required depth, simply work your finger to the bottom of the cut and then under the foam that needs removing. Using your fingers, continue to work under the foam that’s to be removed. The foam separates easier within each layer than it does across the layer bonds so maintaining an even depth of removal happens naturally. Hint: DO NOT grab one end and pull. For best success work your fingers under the entire length of foam to be removed. Click here for instructions.
Works great!

Tool Drawer Foam is clean. It’s made from no odor polyethylene plastic. The same soft plastic most grocery bags are made from today. It’s foamed in thin sheets and bonded together by heat, no adhesives! You can cut it with a utility knife as easy as you cut warm butter in the kitchen. You will wonder how you ever did without tool foam once you’ve tried it.

If you are wondering what a drawer looks like when Tool Drawer Foam is used, here’s a Google search. You will be amazed!

Easy to install.

Easy to Install

A place for everything and everything in its place!

We use it too!

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