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I'm going to explain the difference between our hinges and highly respected, highly advertised brand name hinges in a light hearted way using the difference between automobiles. We can all relate to different levels of automobile.

Comparing a ”B” class automobile to a luxury ”A” class automobile, ”B” will get you to where you want to go and it will last the same number of miles. It carries the same number of passengers and it needs to be serviced with fresh oil the same as a ”A”. It's even tested to the same minimum highway safety standards as ”A”. BUT the ”A” class looks prettier because the fit and finish is a little nicer. The wheels are always fancier and the chrome is always a little shinier. The ”A” class buyer is willing to pay a little more for these added details.

Our hinges are ”B” hinges. Our hinges do the same job as ”A”, they carry the same weight as ”A” and they last just as long as ”A” because they are tested to the same standards as ”A”. But our hinges don't come with mounting screws, screw covers or adjustment plate covers and the surface finish isn't as rich looking as ”A”. Our hinges are stamped steel and many ”A”hinges are a die casting.

If you or your customer are willing to pay for ”A” hinges, you should go with ”A” because they will look a little bit nicer than ”B”. Having said that, there are a lot more ”B” class automobiles sold than ”A” and that's why we sell ”B” hinges.

Which Euro 
Hinge do I need? Mounting 
These are very good quality hinges made by some of the largest manufacturers in Asia. They exceed industry standards. We are happy to sell them under our BlackJack brand. You can buy these with confidence. Sold individually, not in pairs.

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