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The Marble Pinball Machine woodworking plan, is based on the enormous popularity of commercial pinball machines, but now, using marbles. Not only is standard horizontal operation possible, but also exclusive and unique vertical action with marbles being propelled up the back panel. The launcher can shoot one marble or over a half dozen at a time. Buttons on the sides operate flippers just like commercial machines to keep marbles in play. Marbles can hit targets throughout the play surface. It’s an addictive, fast paced marble marvel for young and old.

Most of the project is wood. Only a handful of hardware is required with suggested parts located. None come with the plan. Only common shop tools are needed to build the project.

Dimensions: Table length 40 1/2″, table width 23 1/2″, the height from the floor to the table’s highest point 39″, height of the back panel above the table is 19″. The completed Marble Pinball table can easily fit through a standard doorway.

A spring driven launcher fires marbles to the rear of the sizable play surface to ricochet through various wood obstacles including bumpers, ramps, bells, a spinner, and spiral. They can exit out holes where marbles drop to a second (hidden) level to strike bells then roll to the front to appear in the retrieval bin. Two, side by side ramps direct marbles vertically. Marbles propelled up the left ramp can activate the seal tower as marbles are handed mouth to mouth down to the play surface. The right ramp delivers marbles to the top of a xylophone to bounce down the musical scale. A large, “C” shaped ramp directs marbles around the back to strike a brass bell. A wood paddle spins when struck by marbles. Colorful, assorted hardwoods can add to the charm of this age old entertaining device. Your own art can be applied to the play surface. Add or remove obstacles. The layout possibilities are endless.

For intermediate to advanced woodworkers. Our 11″ x 17″ plans take little workbench space. The copyrights allow making a photocopy of the full size patterns. Trim out the patterns, apply spray adhesive on the backs and place on stock prepared to the thickness noted on the pattern. You get accurate parts, woodworking plan and no tracing.

Less than 5 available