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Dust Collection - PUR Hose 4" x 10 feet has been added to your Cart
Beam Compass & Trammel Set

PN 17528

Standard compasses are perfect for the drawing…


BlackJack Bag w/wheels

PN 3022

I call this a sport bag because it is perfect for transporting…

$55.00CDN  $27.50CDN

Cabinet Template

PN 1513727154

Mark exactly where your knobs and pulls need to be.

"Now that's the…


Contour Gauge 10"

PN 16151

Great for any job that requires contour duplication. This gauge…


Cork Disc 7-3/8" Pkg of 1

PN 095915

Natural anti-skid material, this cork disk measures approx 7-3/8” diameter, 1/4” thick and has a rounded edge. …


Cork Discs 3-1/2" Pkg of 5

PN 095953

Natural anti-skid material, this cork disk measures approx 3-1/2” diameter, 3/16” thick. Absorbs impact, protects furniture…


Cork Discs 5-3/4" Pkg of 2

PN 095922

Natural anti-skid material, this cork disk measures approx 5-3/4” diameter, 1/4” thick.

Package of two discs. Absorbs impact,…


Cutting Mat - Green - large 18" x 24"

PN 16164

If your projects require cutting thin materials by knife, you'll enjoy cutting on these…


Drawer Pull Template Jig

PN 17527

Make no mistake... this is the quickest and easiest…


Drawer Template

PN 1513746970

For easy mounting of knobs and pulls.
Now it's time to dress up those drawers…


Drill Pump 300

PN MC1313

Multi-Purpose Drill Water Pump
The DrillPump™ 300 is designed to work with most electrical drills with…


Exactor - Measuring And Marking Tool

PN MC8406

The Milescraft Exactor is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for a wide variety of applications.
The only tool…


Eyelet Punch Press

PN 16161

Whether assembling popsicle sticks or stacks of paper or punching holes though thin project…


Folding Hex Key Set

PN H005660

So handy to have these around the shop or another set in the house for those times that suddenly, you…


Framing Square 300

PN MC8404

Size: 8 x 12 This imperial FramingSquare300™ is used to lay out a ”square” or right-angle.


GLIDERS - 12 pk

PN 9524100135

Pack includes 12 GLIDERS BIG things MOVED easily! GLIDERS™ take the basic idea of 'furniture sliders'…


Hand Brace

PN 16116

Before the days of portable battery or electric powered drills were…

$12.95CDN  $9.70CDN

Hand Operated Transfer Pump

PN 116747

When it comes to moving liquids from large container to another, there’s nothing more simple than this…


Hobby Knife Set 15 pc

PN S37165

This is an ideal knife set for cutting, chiseling, trimming, carving..... in a very nice storage case.


Honing Guide

PN 16240


We all have to sharpen our…


Honing Stone Holder

PN 16243

A necessity in every woodworking…


Mini Anvil - 1 lb

PN S44035

How many times have you needed to tap something small? You end up using the…


Mounting Plate for Magnetic Tools

PN 11040

Finally a Mounting Plate for Magswitch® Mag Jig or any magnetically mounted …



PN 3005

This is an amazing cutter. At first I thought it looked like a gimmick... cutters made…


Multi-Purpose Snips 8"

PN S31047

A good pair of snips are invaluable in the workshop and around the home.


Nail Guide

PN 16215

No more hammered fingers!
Sometimes the simplest tools are the best tools and…


Painter's Pyramid - Lock and Tab - Yellow - 10 Pack

PN 9524100125

The Painter's Pyramid is a durable and versatile tool that securely elevates your project off the…


Rare Earth Magnets - 10/pk

PN S70239

SUPER HOLD Rare Earth Magnets This package contains 10 barrel shaped high strength magnets …


Ratchet Handle - 1/4" reversible

PN S37015

Drive 1/4" hex screw driver bits, sockets and more in tight places …


RE-GRIP 61mm

PN PN617

For more info click here to…


Red BlackJack Ball Cap

PN 1-0028

One size fits all (adjustable) …


Scissor, Small

PN 710094

Overall size is almost 5 inches long.

Scissors are a necessity in every shop but often we…


Scissors, Heavy Duty 8"

PN S31055

This is a very handy pair of scissors to have in your work shop!


Scroll Saw Stick and Release Tape 8-1/2" x 20'

PN HS1401

Use Scroll Saw ”Stick 'n' Release” Tape... patterns stay put and are easy to remove -…


Stylus with Wood Handle Hardened Steel

PN 16030

Stylus with Wood Handle Hardened Steel This double ended hardened stainless steel stylus is your quickest method of transferring a pattern…


Tool Box - moulded plastic

PN 20032

This tough blow moulded plastic case…


Tool Drawer Foam 1-1/8 x 9-1/2 x 24

PN 20035

No more wasting time searching through your tool box.…


Tool Drawer Foam 2-1/4 x 9-1/2 x 24

PN 20036

No more wasting time searching through your tool box.…



PN MC1600

Holds projects securely for routing, sanding, painting, drilling, carving and more!