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Use Scroll Saw ”Stick 'n' Release” Tape... patterns stay put and are easy to remove - leaving no residue!

Whether you cut up the original pattern or photocopy it, you need to stick a pattern onto your wood. The fear we all have is the fear of the adhesive leaving an impossible to remove residue on the face and cut edges of the wood. Thankfully our fears are over!

With feedback from Scroll Saw Woodworking and Crafts Magazine, Scroll Saw ”Stick 'n' Release” Tape was developed. (click here to read the article) It leaves no burning on your cut lines and no residue on the wood face after removal. There's nothing else like it.

To give you a better idea of how strong it is, it is MUCH weaker than two sided carpet tape but it's stronger than the adhesive on name brand sticky notes.

All you do is apply the 8-1/2” wide tape to your wood. Then peel the protective paper from the back side and apply your pattern to the exposed adhesive. Now go ahead and cut to your heart's content knowing the pattern cleanup will be a breeze!

Apply and trim to fit the wood

Scroll Saw tape is available in two roll lengths. The 5’ roll is a perfect size to try it out. The 20’ roll is for serious scroll saw operators planning to do more than one or 2 small projects.

Try a roll today.

a- Apply and trim to fit the wood and pattern being cut.
Apply and trim to fit the wood

b- Carefully remove protective backer from tape. If tape begins to lift from the wood, press the backer down an re-rub the tape onto the wood. Then remove backer again slowly and carefully.
remove protective backer

c- Properly applied tape will show no air bubbles except for where the grain is naturally open.
Properly applied tape

d- Apply trimmed pattern to exposed tape following desired grain direction.
Apply trimmed pattern

e- Be sure to avoid wrinkles or air bubbles under the pattern.
Rub pattern down well

f- Rub pattern down well.
Rub pattern down well

g- After cutting desired profiles (not shown here) carefully remove pattern remnants and tape from wood surface. Pattern will be cut to pieces where ever you followed lines with your scroll saw. If you do not wish to cut your original pattern, use photocopies of the original for this purpose.
carefully remove pattern remnants

h- A smooth even pull will remove all adhesive leaving no adhesive residue on the wood surface.
leaving no adhesive residue on the wood surface

Here's what the finished product looks like for one woodworker.
finished product

Sheila wrote “I like the fact that it is clear as well because you can see the wood underneath to avoid knots and blemishes. I did a project using it and I even routed the edges and it stayed in place perfectly.”

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