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SensGard Ear Chambers - hear clearly - communicate effectively.

It’s a noisy world, SensGard Ear Muffs protect against damaging noise while allowing speech and other important sounds to be heard. University developed, tested and patented.

31 NRR (Noise Reduction Rating) for those who prefer a higher reduction.

Use the SensGard Ear Muffler around the shop, at the shooting range, at concerts or at sporting events - wherever loud noise could damage your hearing. 

LONG WEARING COMFORT - Lightweight at less than 1.5 ounces, the Ear Muffler also folds to fit conveniently in a pocket or storage case.  Keep one in the shop, one in the garage and one in the car so you have protection whenever you are around loud noise.

Hear Important Sounds at a Safe Level - Patented technology directs sound into acoustic chambers that dampen and cancel harmful levels of noise.  The chambers are tuned to produce an even reduction of sound levels across the frequency spectrum which eliminates sound distortion.  Very high reduction of low frequencies eliminates masking effect on speech.  Allows conversation in noise without the need to remove hearing protection.  Hear conversation, the pitch of a machine and warning shouts and signals in a noisy environment.

Convenient, Easy On and Off -   Lightweight at 1.5 ounces. Drop around your neck when not in use where they are readily available.  Headband adjusts and the unit folds small enough to fit in a shirt pocket.

Versatile - Can be worn over the head, behind the head, under the chin for convenience.  Does not interfere with other personal protection equipment.

View Paul Marcel’s review and demo of the 26 and the 31 NRR Ear Mufflers.

Hygienic - Nothing goes in the ear, or traps heat around the ear.  Ear cuffs seat at the outer ear canal and are impervious to mold, mildew and bacteria.  Clean with mild soap and water and replace when seal is difficult to obtain. Replacement Cuffs are available. Click here or use "Options' below to add them to your cart.

Dielectric - NO Batteries! Noise cancellation without batteries, electronics or bulk.

Durable Made in the USA.

The Ear Muffler is designed to offer universal protection in noise environments such as shooting ranges, factories, chainsaws, or at the race track or other loud venues.  Users include students or those seeking a quiet environment to concentrate or study.  For all around protection, get yours today.

fits in your pocket

Fitzhugh gives the Ear Muffler 5 stars ”Yes, they really do work better than anything else I've tried (woodworking shop use)”

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