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Achieve razor sharp planer knives in just minutes!

The Deulen 12” Sharpening Jig sharpens and hones jointer and planer knives from 10" to 15" long. This sharpener will also accommodate double edged knives.

- No power tools needed.
- No downtime waiting.
- Sharper than sending them out.

Sharpens any brand, any thickness - even disposable knives... you can get 3 to 5 sharpenings on disposables!!!

You can also sharpen disposable knives with double edges, knives with index holes and carbide knives. Got a nasty nick in your knife? It can remove that too.

• No measuring or angle adjustments.
• No downtime waiting for knives sent out.
• No transportation costs driving to and from the sharpening center
• Sharper knives reduce power consumption, wear and tear on machinery
• Sharper knives leave a smoother finish with less wood grain tear-out and burning
Free sharpening for the rest of your life!

Add all of these benefits up then ask why would you sharpen your Jointer or Planer knives any other way?

Which Deulen Sharpening Jig do I need?
6" - 8" knife length... order the 6" Sharpening Jig
10" - 15" ... order this one
16" - 20" ... order this one and one 6" Sharpening Jig
22" + ... order 2 of these

FAQ ( frequently asked questions)

Hi, I'm interested in Deulen Sharpening Jig for my planer and joiner blades. I have a 6 inch joiner and 12 inch planer. Will a jig sized for the planer still work ok for the smaller joiner?
Yes it will.

How do I evenly sharpen 3 knives using the Deulen Sharpening Jig?

Dan covers this in his video so take a few minutes and watch. For a quick explanation, all you do is rotate the knives through the jig as you move from one grit to another. This effectively sharpens each knife twice. If you are concerned about removing more metal than necessary, just reduce the number of oscillations on the abrasive each time.

Sandpaper not included.

Click here for Deulen Six-Pak Adhesive Sandpaper... especially made for the Deulen Sharpening Jigs (or add one Six-Pak to your cart by choosing the 'option' below)

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